Tips for time management and scheduling when you don’t want to do anything

I’ll be honest I’m partially writing this to help gather the pieces of my life so I can not have stress nightmares that wake me up with anxiety in the morning but anyways…

It’s almost day 10 into 2020 and ya girl is trying to prepare for the school year, make as much coin as possible at my jobs and simultaneously have fun. How does she do it you ask? Well I don’t that’s why I’m not done BUT that’s why I figured this blog post would help not only me but other people who are trying to go into the new semester/year fresh and less anxious than ever. So here are my tips for getting organized 

  1. Set up as many appointments as possible over breaks. You know those annual checkups our mom’s used to schedule for us but we stopped once college hit? Now’s the time to pick up the phone but hopefully if you don’t like talking on the phone the office has online appointment set up. It’s hard cramming things in once school starts so using this time to prioritize your health is great. Also now is the time it’s easiest to make appointments at your school health center because less students are around so it’s less packed
  2. Organize your planner and calendar. Winter break is a time where notebooks and planners collect dust but AHT AHT not on my watch. This is honestly the perfect time to map out your plans for the month since there’s less on your plate. Put in all mandatory events first (work schedule, appointments, meetings etc.) then evaluate what time you have left in between or after what’s mandatory. It’s a new year so you can use this time for achieving your goals, it frees you up to set a gym schedule or time you want to spend on hobbies that you’re passionate about. Also set reminders on your phone for anything you need to bring with you to work and appointments so you’re not shook on the train or have to double back to your apartment after walking 5 blocks (been there).
  3. Make time for friends. Maybe this goes without saying for some people but personally in city environments where everyone’s hustling it can be easy to mainly have online contact with your friends through social media and not actually see them. I do this by evaluating my week mid-week usually on Wednesdays to see if I’m going to have a busy Friday or not, then I think about who I haven’t seen in awhile and text them to either grab a drink after work Friday or do something fun Saturday. This helps that way it’s not the weekend and you’re hitting up everyone last minute who already made plans or are going away etc. Also I think it’s important for you’re friends to know they’re a priority in your life because I know I’d feel some type of way if someone was always hitting me up to do things last minute.
  4. Try new things. It’s a new year so this is the perfect time to check out new events wherever you are. I recently went to a Sofar sounds show for the first time, they’re secret concerts in cities across the world where you don’t know who the artist is until the day of. It was really fun and just a great environment to be in. School being out gives you a chance to put yourself out there so don’t miss out. I’d suggest a simple “what to do in *insert city here* in *insert month here*” search to find events or I can always count on eventbrite.
  5. Save up your $$$. Winter break is the perfect time to take on an extra shift or put in work over the weekend to make extra money at your job since class isn’t in session. Just making even a little extra cash than usual will be a big help later when you have to rent books for school or pay school fees. It will also give you a cushion to do fun things like go away for spring break.

So these are my tips, I hope you find them helpful whether your break is long (I’m out until Jan. 27) or short or not in school. And Happy New Year!